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Venus and Kunzite

Welcome to Gold & Silver, a shrine dedicated to the unexpected and often stormy romance between Minako Aino (Sailor Venus) and Shin Saitou (Lord Kunzite), from the manga Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi.

From friends, to enemies, to lovers, Minako and Shin’s relationship has always been a turbulent one. But despite this they have always managed to find common ground and camaraderie in their never ending devotion to their princess and prince, as well as in their witty and adventurous personalities.

Here you get to read about the couple and their story, as told through Takeuchi’s manga and my own fan novel trilogy Sailor Moon Beyond. I’ve always been intrigued by the open ending of Sailor Stars as well as the supposed romances of the Inner Guardians and the Generals, especially Venus and Kunzite, wherefore I decided to tie the loose threads together on my own. Enjoy your stay!

The Guardians

Sailor Venus

The Girl
The Guardian

Sailor Venus

Super Sailor Venus

Sailor Star Venus

Royal Sailor Venus

Sailor V

Princess Aphrodite

Attacks & Powers

Lord Kunzite

The Boy
The Guardian

Earth Guardian Lord Kunzite

Dark Kingdom General Kunzite

Attacks & Powers

Their Story

Sailor Venus's Story

Minako Aino's Present Day Story

Minako was born as one of a pair of twins to the young mother Miyabi Koizumi. Her brother's name was Junichi. As Miyabi was unable to take provide for her children and had also been disowned by her family, she had no choice but to give them up for adoption.

Sailor Venus's Story
The Silver Millennium
Crystal Tokyo

Lord Kunzite's Story

Shin Saitou's Present Day Story
Lord Kunzite's Story
The Silver Millennium
The Dark Kingdom
Crystal Tokyo

Their Love Story

Their Children

Shiva (Sailor Astarte)
Minoru (Lord Jasper)
Mina (Sailor Topaz)

Theme Song Album

The Wind and The Sky, Surely...


  1. C'est La Vie (Minako)
  2. Monologue (Minako)
  3. I Saw Your Dream (Minako)
  4. I Want Someone to Love (Minako)
  5. Route Venus (Minako)
  6. Prologue (Minako)
  7. Poem (Minako)
  8. I Stand Alone (Minako)
  9. Venus Over My Shoulder (Minako)
  10. Stars Prologue (Minako)
  11. Stars Poem (Minako)
  12. The Goddess of Love's 'How to Love' (Minako)
  13. Romance (Minako)
  14. Because My Heart is Soaring in The Sky (Minako)
  15. Happy Time, Happy Life (Minako)
  16. I Want Someone to Love (Minako)
  17. Blue Eyes... Blue (Shin)
  18. I Want to Be Your Fiancé (Shin)
  19. The Goddess of Love's 'How to Love' (Instrumental)
  20. Minako and Shin's Theme: The Wind and The Sky Surely...

Fan Novels

The Sailor Moon Beyond Trilogy


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Sailor Moon Royals

Sailor Moon Neo

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